Take a break and have mooncakes in this wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival ! 停一停,抖一抖-中秋同樂慶團圓!


我們 THE COFFEE HOUSE COWORK SPACE坐落於香港仔,成員卻不只有”香港仔”~


我們的HOST Ben還跟各位外藉成員分享了中秋節有趣的由來和故事


因為,THE COFFEE HOUSE COWORK SPACE是本著相互尊重、信任和支持的宗旨出發!


Time flies and it’s time for mid-autumn celebrating again!
There is an Chinese idiom said,
“Fate brings people together no matter how far apart they may be.”
There is no way for only head down and work hard
but not take a break and look up for the bright moon
in this meaningful festival which aims for gathering 🙂

The Coffee House Cowork space is located in Aberdeen.
A big big family which gathers members who come from different countries with different cultures.
We had a happy mid-autumn festival gathering to celebrate our friendships !

Our members took a little break to have mooncakes,fruits and cups of Specialty Coffee.
Slow down and relax, enjoying the precious moment to chat with each others.
Enjoying the food. Sharing the joy and Chatting with care.
Our Host Ben also told the story about mid-autumn festival to foreign members which interested them a lot 🙂
Our co-work space is always full of love and care!

At the Coffee House, you will know how amazing the fate is :
to link up people and build up friendship.
At the Coffee House, you will understand that
there is not only competition in the road of starting up a business, but also tons of supports.
It is because, the Coffee House Co-work is a place to work with mutual respect, trust and support as a family.

Come and join us: ) Wish you be there in our next gathering!
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone !

)share the happy moment together!

share the happy moment together!

Enjoy the joyful party!!!
Enjoy the joyful party!!!
Mooncakes & fresh fruits for the party
Mooncakes & fresh fruits for the party