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Well equipped for your success ! We understand your needs. 好的裝備,是成功的一半。我們,知你所想。

We are not only providing a place for you,
but also the supports that you need to start up a business.
We understand how difficult to start up a business is,
that’s why we fully equipped with all the facilities you need for success.
Our co-work space offers you dynamic memberships
including part time and full time hot desks, work stations and private offices with flexible contract period for your convenience.
As a considerable serviced office, your needs and convenient is always a priority for us.
A high speed internet with printing and scanning service.
A business address with post box service.
A little tea-break with free coffee & tea.
A successful presentation with our meeting room.
A storage area with locker using.
Also, a comfortable working area with collaborate community.
We offer you an affordable price for your starting up,
so don’t hesitate, call us today!
We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

我們的co-work space有多元化的會藉套餐、彈性的租約制度任君選擇,
包括共用空間的彈性工作枱[全職或兼職]、 固定工作間及私人辦公室。

Are you looking for an ideal event space? The Coffee House is available.

Are you finding an ideal location to hold an event ?
Are you worrying about the budget for the project ?

No worries ! The Coffee House is located at Aberdeen with accessible transportation network.
15-20 min to Causeway Bay and Central, 15 min to Cyber Port.
Aberdeen is very conveniently located in southern HK Island with banks, post offices, supermarkets, restaurants all within walking.

Our co-working space is available for holding social events, parties, gatherings or seminars and talks.
We provide you several packages with reasonable charge.
We do our best in providing assistance with the set up of your event, Coffee & Tea, Snacks and Light Bites.
What we wish is just giving you a warm and memorable event package experience.
So, please contact our host to schedule your event if you are interested.

Send us an request at
We will get back to your within 24 hours.

Take a break and have mooncakes in this wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival ! 停一停,抖一抖-中秋同樂慶團圓!


我們 THE COFFEE HOUSE COWORK SPACE坐落於香港仔,成員卻不只有”香港仔”~


我們的HOST Ben還跟各位外藉成員分享了中秋節有趣的由來和故事


因為,THE COFFEE HOUSE COWORK SPACE是本著相互尊重、信任和支持的宗旨出發!


Time flies and it’s time for mid-autumn celebrating again!
There is an Chinese idiom said,
“Fate brings people together no matter how far apart they may be.”
There is no way for only head down and work hard
but not take a break and look up for the bright moon
in this meaningful festival which aims for gathering 🙂

The Coffee House Cowork space is located in Aberdeen.
A big big family which gathers members who come from different countries with different cultures.
We had a happy mid-autumn festival gathering to celebrate our friendships !

Our members took a little break to have mooncakes,fruits and cups of Specialty Coffee.
Slow down and relax, enjoying the precious moment to chat with each others.
Enjoying the food. Sharing the joy and Chatting with care.
Our Host Ben also told the story about mid-autumn festival to foreign members which interested them a lot 🙂
Our co-work space is always full of love and care!

At the Coffee House, you will know how amazing the fate is :
to link up people and build up friendship.
At the Coffee House, you will understand that
there is not only competition in the road of starting up a business, but also tons of supports.
It is because, the Coffee House Co-work is a place to work with mutual respect, trust and support as a family.

Come and join us: ) Wish you be there in our next gathering!
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone !

)share the happy moment together!

share the happy moment together!

Enjoy the joyful party!!!
Enjoy the joyful party!!!
Mooncakes & fresh fruits for the party
Mooncakes & fresh fruits for the party

Coffee Saturday Meetup Event in coworking space Hong Kong

大家有沒有使用過 Meetup 這個平台呢?Meetup 容許用家自己組織群組,與共同興趣的愛好者互動,增加人與人之間的聯繫。

其中一個Meetup群組Coffee Saturday就在The Coffee House Cowork Space舉辦了第一次聚會,認識各位咖啡愛好者!

聚會中各位參加者都嘗試了手沖咖啡及拉花,更加參觀了 Coffee Roasters Asia的烘焙工坊; 那台專業咖啡烘焙機器及整個烘焙過程都令人大開眼界,場面非常震憾呢!

Coffee Saturday 會定期以不題材舉辦聚會,錯過了八月的Meetup?九月再見!

‪#‎CoffeeSaturday‬ #Meetup #Eventspace

 Coffee Saturday Meetup Event 2

參加者製作自己風格的Roaster’s Blend。


 Coffee Saturday Meetup Event 1

大家一起參觀Coffee Roasters Asia的烘焙工坊。


 Coffee Saturday Meetup Event 3

Coffee Meetup Group Member 的Latte Art製成品!

Coffee Meetup at The Coffee House Cowork

在 The Coffee House – cowork space 舉辦的Hong Kong Coffee Meetup已經完美結束,相信各位已經「差足電」,繼續迎接新的一天!

The Hong Kong Coffee Meetup has been a great recharging moment for all coffee lovers! Let’s work hard for the brand new week again!


由香港咖啡文化促進會及咖啡烘焙亞洲舉辦的Hong Kong Coffee Meetup已經在歡笑中完滿結束。當天有手沖咖啡示範,由磨豆、調較水溫等逐一講解,各位咖啡愛好者亦親身參與,樂在其中。之後更有Roastery Tour,參觀咖啡烘焙過程,咖啡豆的香醇味道更在烘焙瞬間提引出來,令人回味無窮!一個美滿的下午,就此產生。


Organised by 香港咖啡文化促進會 and Coffee Roasters Asia, the Hong Kong Coffee Meetup has been a huge success! Everyone has had a great time last Saturday!

There was a hand drip coffee demonstration, explaining the factors affect the taste in cup in details. Followed by an exciting roastery tour, witnessing the special roasting process in town!

Want to share more fun time with us? Stay tuned for our Facebook!





The Coffee House Cowork Space 於8月2日舉辦了國際青年啟動日分享會,邀請了香港青年協會「非常旅人任務」計劃得獎者曉晴 、「旅・攝」Facebook專頁創辦人Henry,以及「牽手・香港」機構代表Jacky及Ivy 到位於香港仔的工作空間向大家分享自己的故事,讓各位認識新一代年青人,透過他們的眼晴看世界。


「旅遊・攝影・義工」國際青年啟動日分享會 1



「旅遊・攝影・義工」國際青年啟動日分享會 2



「旅遊・攝影・義工」國際青年啟動日分享會 3

Jacky及Ivy 分享到不同青年人面對的困難及挑戰。


Supporting EYE Program by the Centre for Entrepreneurship CUHK

The Empowering Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) Program is a year-long entrepreneurship program launched by Google and Center for Entrepreneurship of The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2013. The initiative is inspired by the budding entrepreneurial environment in Hong Kong. We aim to encourage local youngsters to innovate and promote Hong Kong as a city for entrepreneurship.

In November 2013, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt and CUHK Vice-Chancellor Professor Joseph Sung announced the Empowering Young Entrepreneurs Program (EYE Program), then the program was kicked off in February 2014. Since then, we have witnessed how the program inspired and changed the lives of the entrepreneurs and their mentors, and hundreds more participants and people associated with the program. The dynamic of Hong Kong’s entrepreneurship ecosystem is changing. (Check out this   3-minute video of EYE Program Rewind!)





上週我們迎來了隆重的開幕派對, 與我們的朋友,新㑹員歡聚了一個有趣的夜晚,有很多飲料,遊戲,禮物。謝謝大家抽出寶貴時間到 The Coffee House 與我們慶祝。看到很多虛擬辦公室成員,服務式辦公室成員,及共同工作室會員,一起享受一個愉快的夜晚。The Coffee House 團隊非常努力地預備一切細節,我們很高興看到,每個人有一個美好的時光。

The Coffee House 是坐落在香港島的香港仔區的一個會員專用 共同工作空間。我們提供流動辦工桌,專用辦工桌,虛擬辦公室,服務式辦公室,為國際和當地社區服務。